It comes around – arrested in NC for another perv offense.



August 16, 2006, Wilson Toro attempted to take my life. He was accompanied by RIPS Sgt. Michelle Evans, a vicious, corrupt woman, and other members of RIPS (Roosevelt Island Public “Safety”) – considerably overstaffed for the day and time. In other words, there was intensive collusion. Toro was aided and abetted by one EMT Ruger, a psycho on steroids/crack, whatever, and his intimidated partner EMT Fellaria, who said nothing, and did nothing, to assist them or me.

Thanks to intervention by NYPD 114th officers, I survived but with significant bodily harm. On Nov 2, 2006, Ruger showed up again, at my door, with the FDNY, EMTs, and Public Safety pervs. Again, intervention by the Blue Angels, who sent them packing. They returned again, and were threatened with arrest if they did not leave immediately. They proceeded to follow, stalk, harass and otherwise make my life miserable. I stopped sleeping at night, and took a blanket to Central Park to catch up in the evening. I downsized my practice, which was growing healthily, and eventually left the USA. That there was no investigation, just hostility from the pervy DA’s and Mayor Bloomberg’s flunky is disgraceful.
RIOC’s lawyer Paul Harte “I’ve something between my legs, that’s why I have to spread my knees ( ie, rub them against yours in the mini bus)” Harte was evasive and hostile. (fired) RIOC President Herbert Berman evasive and condescending. (fired) next President Stephen “Nothing wrong with a little hanky panky…” Shane fired. that comment was in response to complaint that Toro had committed sexual battery. Jim Fry, who had some elements of decency, but was not up to the job, witnessed this comment and was fired by Shane. “Fired” can also be described as “early retirement” “let go,” etc.

As is, Roosevelt Island is a seething crime zone, with the criminals running the de facto minimum security prison and concealing the crime rate. That a permanent NYPD officer has been assigned is no consolation – they have had a corrupting influence on every “Community” and permanent NYPD officer from Day One. They need NYPD professional police, on rotation – or to admit that the wretched place is a real world set of “The Prisoner,” an NWO construct, initiated by Nelson and David Rockefeller, designed for zero privacy by a Rothschild landscaper and planned as an experiment in Alinsky totalitarianism by Columbia U School of Sociology.

Any of those far left comunazis pretending to be “community” leaders showing concern or consideration for the patients of Goldwater and Coler Hospitals currently being evicted from their long term home and transported upstate out of the reach and observation of their families? I thought not. Newsflash: Hitler started with the disabled and the late protestant chaplain, Oliver Chapin told me that Roosevelt Island helped him understand how Hitler “got away with it”

Well, this will offend a few people, but I’ll publish anyway. In the meantime if there’s anyone with integrity in the FBI, or at the very least an aggressive attorney interested in a civil suit there’s a heck of a lot more I can tell them.


Links to Rothschilds’ relationship with America


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Cui bono? Who benefits from economic depressions: what has the means and methodology to step in and grab increasing quantities of global assets. With half the worlds assets under their control, the House of Rots is worth 500 trillion dollars.

NWO rothschild and american history

Who are the rothschilds
Also Rots vs people econs Rot econs 101

Obama deception

Strategies behind the inception of Roosevelt Island

The lying, cheating editor of the local “community” paper, who protects and preserves the “status quo” of the corrupt/incompetents of Roosevelt Island from his NY State subsidized luxury eyrie on the “posh” side of the Island’s Main Street, er Maginot Line, trashed the following commentary.

Can’t remember when the man showed up, but he missed the first ten years of The Experiment, has rarely crossed the Maginot Line, if ever, in fact.  Perhaps to attend a function at the Senior Center or to schmooze with the corrupt and criminal “Public Safety” Department.

In other words, the “Community Newspaper” is another instrument of oppression:  by pretending to provide community news, and/or defend and protect the community, it lulls us into complacency while we’re ripped from our homes, followed, stalked, harassed; our childrens’ lives threatened, then our own, while drug dealers deal openly and families fall apart.

As NY State engages in an apartment grab for special interests yet to be identified, by tripling rents, promising subsidies for long term residents, then defaulting on said subsidies by claiming documents not filed, etc., and pushing mature single/widowed/divorced women into a state of panic, nervous breakdowns, medications, and ultimately “Adult Protective Services,”  this “editor”/political shill ignores, accuses and trashes dissenters.  Just part of the plan.

Main Street, R Is was opened to the public in 1976, although some early settlers claim to have been there since 1975. In 1976, the tram became operational, in a manner of speaking, and Columbia U distributed a thick book of questions for the early residents. Ignoring this ma have marked me as non co-operative in the NWO scheme of things.

Nelson -die in flagrante- Rockefeller, signed off on the project. Interestingly, Rockefeller and Roosevelt are both alleged to be Rothschilds by blood. You know Rothschild – owns the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and a whole bunch of other finance houses and war brokerages.

Before I even heard of the Frankfurt School I noted a certain pattern in the Governance of R Is. First, no elected representative – other than neophyte City Council candidates trolling over for the desperate vote in election years. Second, the complete mismanagement of the place, including a transportation system worthy of “The Prisoner.”  Unreliable,  erratic subject to frequent shut downs – all between rush hour, ie, allowing those keeping “bankers hours” to prosper, while stranding independent, self employed artists and free lancers.
The reason why Roosevelt Island is such a disaster is the strategies of  New York State’s far left, under the direction of the Columbia U School of Sociology…, all adhering to the Marxist Frankfurt School agenda of silent revolution through demoralisation of the West.

The following excerpt makes a whole lot of sense in the context of the Roosevelt Island gulag:

The critique of Western society fundamental to the School’s plan to destroy our traditional Hellenistic Christian culture from within requires the substitution of debate and constant examination of our activities in the light of realistic, verifiable, experimental science with unmodifiable a priori acceptance of utopian Marxist dreams of angelic human beings in the guise of “bleeding-heart” liberals.

Politics is being transformed into a brainwashed consensus and one of the many ways in which the Frankfurters forward their agenda is to break down society by mass immigration. This is quite openly admitted and advocated by them. Here is an interesting site which summarises their aims:

“To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority (now the undermining of parental authority – unless the teacher is Christian…
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family”
(The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to corrupt – ) (Cont.)


This is a brief newsflash:

The same Roosevelt Island Public “Safety” creep that put his hands on me, and co-ordinated an attempt on my life in 2006 has just mauled a Muslim male at a baseball game.

This time, of course, he will get what’s coming – but will he be allowed to squeal about his cohorts and the set up in Roosevelt Island?

Will the NYPD Sex Crimes Division investigate whether RIs Public “Safety” employees of New York State took part in the vicious rape of a woman at 21st Street Queensbridge Station.

Will the NYPD Sex Crimes Division investigate the substantial rumors that Public “Safety” are involved in the rape of teenagers as well as drug dealing.

Will the NYPD Sex Crimes Division question the correlation between missing women and the abduction attempted homicide committed against me on August 16th, 2006?

Stopped in progress by the NYPD  – NO INVESTIGATION.  NO PROSECUTION.





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The following is for: Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Governor Patterson, Urban American, DHCR and every other racist on the face of the planet. I do not use the term “reverse racism” Racism is racism is racism whether directed against whites as in white genocide or proto-genocide, or any other human being on this planet, most of whom now are “protected” from the consequence of crimes against white Christians.

Neither do I see anything “positive” about “Positive” Discrimination…That’s prejudice by any other name.

You can put manure in a gift box and tie it with ribbon – it’s still manure…

If there were any justice in New York City, the crimes against me and my family would be investigated and prosecuted and we would be receiving considerable damages.

Certainly if we were any other colour or race that wouldn’t even be an issue.






DHCR doubles rents, “loses” documents, withholds subsidies while colluding landlord harasses tenant down to Housing Court.  Main target: white or Jewish female single, widowed, divorced mothers.  Target develops anxiety, has nervous breakdown or goes on prescription drugs.  Landlord brings in Adult Protective Services. Moves tenant out. DHCR moves their staffers into vacated apartments. APS pays rent subsidy to cover up shortfall in DHCR. That’s the pattern.  Where’s the Federal Investigation?

Following the devious Mitchell Lama buyout of Roosevelt Island, a Quango known as DHCR or the Department of Housing and Community Renewal took over the management of Eastwood and a chair on the Board of RIOC.

Community “Renewal” is now understood to mean Community Destruction.

They have devastated the Eastwood (Roosevelt Landings) Community on Roosevelt Island.  

For years my neighbours have been walking the street in tears.  They have been driven into nervous breakdowns or to medication.

These are predominantly single mothers, widowed or divorced mothers. “Women of a certain age” to be imprecise.

DHCR more than doubled the rents.  They sent out Inspectors, some of whom completely ignored serious problems in the apartments.

Some of the problems were later corrected by HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) They missed a few “spots” but since I’ve been pressure cooked out, I’ll the termites, rusting medicine cabinets and buckling sink counters to the landlord.

They called the rent hike “Fair Market” but there was no parity between the extraordinary rents and building standards or community services.

There are no doormen, the carpets are shoddy yet Eastwood rents are now double those of the well maintained apartments on the “chic” side of the Maginot line – Main Street; the tramway is crowded and the trains unreliable and overcrowded, especially at week-ends.  The tram’s going down for six months in June, leaving us in intense hardship.

It’s also a terrible place to live if you are weak or ill, or caring for a little child or loved one alone.  Prices are high and you have the choice of one overpriced food market, one pizzeria and one coffee shop.  The buildings on the “right” side of the street pay lower rents and laundry costs, have doormen so don’t have to spend a whole day waiting for UPS or grocery delivery.  PS/IS 217 is a nightmare.  The few white children attending are subject to constant bullying and derision.  This is echoed in the racist curricula.

DHCR then started demanding documents – documents with more information than a CIA operative would require for high security clearance.

Documents were provided. DHCR “lost” them.  In my case eight copies. Assemblyman Kellner’s aide knows of this and other cases. No action taken.

Councilmember Jessica Lappin knows of this and other cases. “Can’t help you”  to me. Jessica just doesn’t like me.  It’s mutual.  Other tenants are bullied by her staff who claim to have called or spoken many times but not to the knowledge of the person called.  Lying to the constituent seems to be a job requirement in political New York.  It’s also part of a strategy to confuse the tenants and accentuate the appearance of mental incompetence.

DHCR’s strategies seem designed to induce mental incompetence.  From repeated requests for documents to an avalanche of paperwork, letters, papers, demands, “Legal Hearings” conducted by racist staff, compounded by trips to Housing Court,  different sets of documents required at each demand.  After a complaint of racial bias, a token white male sits in, unable to believe the corruption endemic among his darker colleagues or is, himself, corrupted.

Then again, to work in DHCR he’d have to be a liberal sell-out.

Since few tenants could afford the leap from $1400 per month to $3800 qm, they were told they could receive Section 8 vouchers.


From being unavailable for the previous five years, Section 8 vouchers were now hot to trot.

Except they weren’t.

According to an aide to one State Senator money was missing from DHCR

Shortly after telling me that, she lost her job.  Hold that thought.


A pattern of harassment ensued was DHCR took over.  It was called “downsizing.”

Family composition was ignored.  If DHCR or cronies wanted your apartment they were going to get it.  Allegedly DHCR families moved in as old timers were coerced out.

Housing manager Dorene Isely says that she “doesn’t know” any DHCR families in the complex.  Tenants say they do.

As said previously, DHCR lost eight complete sets of documents over a period of 18 months.

DHCR began to withhold Section 8.  Housing Management then issued eviction notices.

Housing Management’s agents Roosevelt Island Public “Safety” committed assault and battery on holdouts.

Money’s missing alright.

And DHCR are now conniving to have Adult Protective Services take over and pay up.

And if the tenants don’t agree to have their lives taken over and psyches infiltrated, Public “Safety” can then assault, batter or make them disappear.

Neighbours were crying in the streets, at losing their homes.  One woman cannot have her grandchildren over to visit; she must fly to Australia to see them.

I can’t take the flight to Oz, an I’m a heck of a lot younger than she.

DHCR’s policies are ANTI FAMILY.


Many eventually agreed to the seizure of their homes and moved to cubbyholes.

DHCR then doubled the rent on those cubby holes.

The transfer tenants found that they were not eligible for SCRIE or DRIE exemptions as despite many years in their previous apartments, their transferleases started from day one thereby denying them qualifying longevity so they were forced to panic borrow from family, dig into meagre savings (burials funds!) move or come under the career of the benevolent sounding Adult Protective Services.

APS sounds innocent enough, until you realize it’s a NYC/NYS agency, and NYC/NYS demands you surrender your dignity in exchange for crumbs.  If you’re white.  APS may choose to coerce you into accepting their services.  In other words, if the landlord doesn’t like you and you “just say no thanks,” you could find yourself labelled an “EDP,” code word for “anyone the State doesn’t like” and on the way to ‘Ward Four.’”

Why don’t they just fly the hammer and sickle and be done with it.  It’s more fun for them to watch innocents – like the other Euro Christian at H Ct this morning – beg for mercy and treat them like decent human beings sincerely doing their jobs.

Same racist runaround goes on in hospitals, banks, etc., anywhere that blacks or Hispanics have any semblance of control over the life of “whitey.”

Euro Christian, a lovely woman, self confidence destroyed  by marriage to an abusive Muslim, is non grata also.  Mothers of mixed race children are no longer a desirable demographic on the “gentrified” Roosevelt Island, and Catholics are definitely unwanted.

While I am glad the Protestant Community has been exempt from DHCR’s abuse, perhaps because of DHCR employees’ personal relationships with the former pastor, the late Rev Chapin, the selection and targeting of white Euro Catholics for aggressive “downsizing,” ie, apartment seizure is unconstitutional not to say illegal and reprehensible.

In my case, the hounding for documents already handed over, the withdrawal of subsidy, the relentless, exhausting, time consuming, career eroding visits to Housing Court or the pitbulls at the DHCR Beaver Street kangaroo court hearings  were taking a  toll on my physical health.

I had already sustained serious injuries from the kidnapping attempt on my life by Landlord’s agents RI Public “Safety” (PSD) and was unable to exercise or go for walks unaccompanied due to their relentless stalking and other harassments and the refusal of the NYPD and DA to take appropriate action on my behalf.


My ex lawyer may be the world’s worst, or most corrupt.  Either way he completely mangled my case from the get go, signing off on a stip with the landlord’s sharks, agreeing to pay money that I did not owe without consulting me even though I was in Housing Court at the time.

He promised to do an Article 78 in the Supreme Court re DHCR’s withdrawal of Section 8, but waited until mid December to do so.  

DHCR scheduled a hearing on the coldest day of the year, in the middle of the octave of Christmas, Dec 22, 2008.

This was rescheduled due to health issues, but DHCR’s hearing judge whined about that in a report. 

The Article 78 had an index number but no verifying stamp or signature from the Supreme Court from which it was allegedly issued.

I did not believe it was authentic, but in good faith went to DHCR.  The hearing officer was on the same #6 train but chided me for “arriving late.”  I recognised him from the dreadlocks.

I am out of condition since the August 16th assault, as I cannot take my daily walk on the Island, and am still recovering from injuries inflicted by the landlord so I am in no way apologetic for “arriving late.”

 I went “in good faith,” in order to confront DHCR about the lost documents, but their caseworker, Sylvia Mercado lied and said she couldn’t “retrieve my file” as it was in the Legal Department which was locked because the people were away on vacation.

How stupid is that?  A Legal Department locked on the day of a hearing.  A tenants file AWOL – try the shredder room.  The Head of the Legal Department was stepping out of the elevator as I was leaving.

Nice vacation, Ms White?

DHCR gives all information regarding my case to a hostile neighbour , Rosalind Fernandez, aka Williams, who has committed perjury against my family, harassed us to an intolerable degree, conspired with RIHM/Jerome Belson’s Thelma McIntosh – I have a tape, Thelma – to deprive me of my home, and so on. 

 McIntosh allegedly engaged in intense harassment to drive another tenant out as she wanted her apartment for herself.

Fernandez is the local co-ordinator/harasser for the Board of Elections.  She is an officer of the Democrat Club, Lenox Hill, and a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of Coler-Goldwater Hospital, though I’ve never actually seen her with a patient in the time that I volunteered and worked there.

She is also semi literate and the mother of a prostitute and drug addict, (RIP unfortunate daughter of a bullying mother) for whom she found work as a Security Guard on Roosevelt Island and is a highly abusive person, engaging in slander, defamation of character and assault against white, Jewish and fair Hispanic families.

She was able to do this through her connections with the Jones Family.  Jeff Jones hired and fired RI Security and RI Public Safety. Erratum: Hired.  They are never fired.

Direct NY State corruption on R Is.

Jeff Jones hired his teenage daughter to work as a tram operator at the highest rate.  She also worked as a receptionist in RIOC with full benefits and vacation, unlike others who worked for years as temps without benefits.

Mrs. Jones ran an illegal day care center on R Island and physically assaulted my four year old son, pushing him when he came innocently toward her.  R Is Security of course did nothing.

They did nothing when their teenage son, Ben Jones ran drugs and graffiti on Roosevelt Island.

They did plenty when the older Jones boy got a nice Jewish girl pregnant and Jewish girl sued for child support.

The father was arrested for practicing his lines in public and hauled into the office for “interrogation” and threatened with the “back room.”

The Jones girl has allegedly changed her name and is now Assistant Commissioner for DHCR.

DHCR HAS PUT ME INTO DEBT OF $59,000.*  I am trapped on Roosevelt Island, with the appearances of a bad tenant although the Management now says I’m a “pillar of the community,” a “good tenant” and they “don’t want to lose me.”

Too little, too late.  I want to lose them and either move to Europe or to the USA.

The Commie gulag of Roosevelt Island has become too dangerous for straight, white, female Catholics. In truth, for any single, widowed, divorced woman and despite parks and playgrounds that appear attractive, it lacks bona fide amenities and choices, and is an all round inconvenient “schlepp” city.

I have been denied Crime Victims’ Services, Medical Support and Investigation, have lost momentum in my work, credit, income, etc.  I cannot work, start anything, reclaim moneys lost, go forward in my career, produce my dramatic works or develop my formulae.

*Another white female Catholic has another fabricated debt of  $42,000.  She’s terrified and walking right into the Adult Protective Services net.

Ward Four, anyone?  Or is it “Soylent Green” time?


New York State sponsored Violence against Women- the silencing of the slams


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To my noble friend, BJ,

Who lost her daughter to cancer accelerated by a blow to her head; and whose other daughter is struggling to recover from a gunshot wound to her head intended for her sister.

BJ continues to battle against institutionalised violence against women.

New York State continues to protect their Public “Safety” employees on Roosevelt Island.


BJ – It’s incredible that this can happen in 2009; that there as yet no reasonable support systems for families affected by such violence. Did you receive Crime Victims’ Services?* Outreach by Safe Horizons? Or do they just print brochures. Is there recognition that the attempt on Denise’s life culminating in Louisa’s near fatal injury is a multi victim crime. Have you received any Protection Orders? Against George, or, sadly, Tommy? Fat lot of good they did to Louisa…perhaps they’ll take them seriously now. The “all guys together- women are crazy” sucks kids like Tommy in – kids abandoned by their fathers, or with low esteem because of scuzzbucket parents…and brings them down too. Once women stop “incubating” there’s no reason to please us. Opinions may dry a tear or so, but they don’t keep you safe, BJ, and I am concerned about the out of control men in the picture…so take care, friend and pursue Louisa’s Law to Federal levels *

On August 16th, 2006, uniformed NY State “Peace” Officers grabbed me from the street as I was returning from a walk. They put handcuffs on me, maliciously tightened, which drew my head back compressing the carotid artery and spinal column at C1,2,3, which has ongoing consequences and resulted in near loss of life. The NYPD saved my life, but the “brass” suppressed any investigation.

I was denied Crime Victims’ Services and medical expenses, which are still ongoing. That meant I could not afford extensive investigations to provide neuro evidence…”  New York Hospital ER Staff were execrable.  New York’s International Center for the Disabled clerical staff had great fun sending me from one place to another, causing me to miss my appointment with the Medical Director.  He had the grace to apologize. NYH sent a patient rep who paid lip service and said she’d follow through.  I had collapsed on their grounds and only one stranger – visitor – helped me.  Not staff.

My neighbours knew me better, but acquaintances thought I committed a crime, was crazy, whatever… I’m a survivor too, BJ, and I’m fighting this every way I can. I’m posting this as an example of “blame the victim” and the deep hatred and prejudice against women in the “intellectual” North East. This is fomented by porn and the sex industry…which objectifies and dehumanizes women as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of men.

On a previous nygulag.wordpress post one commentator wrote that s/he “hadn’t heard” of these crimes. Well, that’s the point of putting them on this site.   The writer is a private person, tends to solve her own problems, but multiple crimes by employees of NY State have been suppressed by NYPD brass, the District Attorney, Mayor Bloomberg’s Office, the NYS Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, the NY State Inspector General, Joseph Fisch and of course, our “ethical” friends at RIOC: Stephen “deny everything” Shane, Ken “ignore FOIA” Leitner and former President Herb Berman and legal counsel, Paul Harte.  The FDNY attempted an enquiry, but it never went anywhere. No documents promised to the victim by any of the above have ever been provided.

City Council President, Christine Quinn was responsive and brought in Int. 627 to facilitate harassment suits against landlords.  Assemblyman Tom Duane’s aide gave me some pointers, which could not be followed without support from my Assemblyman, Micah Kellner who said he had contact Attorney General Cuomo, but did not follow through with any response.

Then again, AG Cuomo is not exactly responsive and the Victims Day is a farce.  I went there to try and get some help, but it was the usual sanitised, orchestrated State function and I was palmed off on a guy who said he was FBI, pretended to offer help, then took off once it was over.  In other words a cover up.


Victim was minding her own business as she returned home after her daily walk, when the New York State Felons in Uniform (NYS FUs) aka Public “Safety” Dept grabbed her , forcibly applied handcuffs, sadistically tightened them, pulling her head back, compressing C2, C3 and the carotid artery, and tried to force her into a lurking ambulance, operated by psycho EMT Ruger and silent “I don’t really want to be involved” EMT Fellaria.  

Someone called the NYPD and when they arrived, NYS FU/PSD poured out of the office and pushed her into the baking sun and kept her there while the NYPD tried to sort out the situation amidst clamoring, lies, deceit.  While that was on, unprosecuted Sex offender NYS FU/PSD Toro and his stinking, odiferous companion pulled her into the lurking ambo.   During this unlawful transfer, NYS FU/PSD Toro committed sexual battery.

The NYPD ordered the removal of the handcuffs. PSD FUs took their time about it.  An EMT Supervisor was brought in, who was over her head, and protective of the EMS, threatened the victim that if she did not agree to go to Elmhurst hospital she would take her to psyche.

The victim had been standing in the sun for forty minutes, sustaining considerable, permanent nerve damage from the compressions at C2 and C3, and occlusion of carotid artery causing hypoxia.  Her blood pressure was 185/140, critical. EMT Ruger would have known how to induce a stroke and had the motivation – the termination of a witness.

There was neither pretense nor pretext of patient care by the EMT Supervisor or anyone else.

NYPD Officer Bouraisis, an intelligent man and sound professional advised that the victim be seen at the Emergency Room to prove that she had not been drinking, or drugging, or having a stroke, and was not suicidal as the NY State felons  in PSD claimed. So proven.

The crimes of August 16th, 2006, were followed by intense harassment.  NYS FUs followed the victim, parked themselves in her courtyard, outside her door, made “patrols” down her corridor, and maintained such an intense pattern of intimidation and harassment that her lawyer, doctor, and friend in the JTTF advised her to leave home for a while. “You gotta get out of there…” in so many words. 

The physical assault, torture, by some definitions,  led to a concatenation of physiological and neurological events that almost cost the victim her life, a second time.

As the commenter said, it “doesn’t make any sense.”

Unless you know the larger picture:  The pre and post Mitchell Lama apartment grab by Jerome Belson Associates, Urban American and DHCR;  the hostile racist woman next door with connections to all of the above and RIOC and Board of Elections who is given confidential information by JBA, DHCR, and has threatened to “get” the victim. I

If the victim were black and the perps white, the outcry would go around the world, but as RIOC’s Shinozaki told the victim, “there’s no such thing as a race based hate crime against white people…” As is, with the bizarre situation on Roosevelt island, with unprofessional landlord/state funded goons, with zero media interest, no elected political representation* anything goes there.  

The crimes described here are very very serious, and whenever a teenager goes missing, or a body is found, or a “suicide” is mentioned, I think of PSD FUs and EMT Ruger’s abuse of an FDNY ambulance for the intention of rape-murder.

I am immensely grateful for the assistance of NYPD Officer Bourasis (Hope I’ve spelt your name correctly), and NYPD Sergeant Tommasaro.

There are some decent parties within PSD, but to mention them would cause them to lose their jobs and probably incur threats to their lives.  Nice one, New York State.