About nygulag10044

I made the drastic error of moving to Roosevelt island in 1976 when my world was full of promise and hope.  I had an instinct about the apartment offered to us, but was over ruled.  My instinct was correct; The “Beast” lived next door and took it upon herself to destroy my life and career.

She had the motive.  The means and opportunity were offered by New York’s State’s bizarre lack of professional police, and the politically corrupt organisation called Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.  More on that, later.

It was for two years – or so I expected.  I did not anticipate being marooned here thirty something years later.

The utter mismanagement of the place, the lack of oversight, the tram shut-downs, which I now believe to be a matter of economics rather than mechanics, and the absence of professional police made this a trap, and an enticement to predators of all varieties, some of which are still among us.

It’s sad to spend yet another Christmas here.  The best that I can do for myself and families with children, elderly or fragile parents, is put certain facts on record, in the public eye, to help anyone thinking of moving here.  It is taking longer than anticipated as Management has been doing its holiday cheer by dragging me to Housing Court every other week.  They do this in the dog days of summer and the hectic prelude to Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I’ll update this as often as possible if you can bear with me. In  meantime, think twice before moving your children here.  It’s great for little ones but they grow up quickly into a lawless society where Public “Safety’ have unlimited police powers – though they are not police and have limited training – and no accountability.

They are now building holding pens for the “crime free” island.  This will allow them to continue their practices of battering youth and innocent tenants without interruption.

Stephen Shane, President of RIOC must go.  He is the most corrupt and cynical overseer of the Island in thirty years.


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  1. You asked about my posting re the times article on Nick’s spelling error. If you email me I will send you the screenshot that I took.


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