August 16, 2006, Wilson Toro attempted to take my life. He was accompanied by RIPS Sgt. Michelle Evans, a vicious, corrupt woman, and other members of RIPS (Roosevelt Island Public “Safety”) – considerably overstaffed for the day and time. In other words, there was intensive collusion. Toro was aided and abetted by one EMT Ruger, a psycho on steroids/crack, whatever, and his intimidated partner EMT Fellaria, who said nothing, and did nothing, to assist them or me.

Thanks to intervention by NYPD 114th officers, I survived but with significant bodily harm. On Nov 2, 2006, Ruger showed up again, at my door, with the FDNY, EMTs, and Public Safety pervs. Again, intervention by the Blue Angels, who sent them packing. They returned again, and were threatened with arrest if they did not leave immediately. They proceeded to follow, stalk, harass and otherwise make my life miserable. I stopped sleeping at night, and took a blanket to Central Park to catch up in the evening. I downsized my practice, which was growing healthily, and eventually left the USA. That there was no investigation, just hostility from the pervy DA’s and Mayor Bloomberg’s flunky is disgraceful.
RIOC’s lawyer Paul Harte “I’ve something between my legs, that’s why I have to spread my knees ( ie, rub them against yours in the mini bus)” Harte was evasive and hostile. (fired) RIOC President Herbert Berman evasive and condescending. (fired) next President Stephen “Nothing wrong with a little hanky panky…” Shane fired. that comment was in response to complaint that Toro had committed sexual battery. Jim Fry, who had some elements of decency, but was not up to the job, witnessed this comment and was fired by Shane. “Fired” can also be described as “early retirement” “let go,” etc.

As is, Roosevelt Island is a seething crime zone, with the criminals running the de facto minimum security prison and concealing the crime rate. That a permanent NYPD officer has been assigned is no consolation – they have had a corrupting influence on every “Community” and permanent NYPD officer from Day One. They need NYPD professional police, on rotation – or to admit that the wretched place is a real world set of “The Prisoner,” an NWO construct, initiated by Nelson and David Rockefeller, designed for zero privacy by a Rothschild landscaper and planned as an experiment in Alinsky totalitarianism by Columbia U School of Sociology.

Any of those far left comunazis pretending to be “community” leaders showing concern or consideration for the patients of Goldwater and Coler Hospitals currently being evicted from their long term home and transported upstate out of the reach and observation of their families? I thought not. Newsflash: Hitler started with the disabled and the late protestant chaplain, Oliver Chapin told me that Roosevelt Island helped him understand how Hitler “got away with it”

Well, this will offend a few people, but I’ll publish anyway. In the meantime if there’s anyone with integrity in the FBI, or at the very least an aggressive attorney interested in a civil suit there’s a heck of a lot more I can tell them.