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To my noble friend, BJ,

Who lost her daughter to cancer accelerated by a blow to her head; and whose other daughter is struggling to recover from a gunshot wound to her head intended for her sister.

BJ continues to battle against institutionalised violence against women.

New York State continues to protect their Public “Safety” employees on Roosevelt Island.


BJ – It’s incredible that this can happen in 2009; that there as yet no reasonable support systems for families affected by such violence. Did you receive Crime Victims’ Services?* Outreach by Safe Horizons? Or do they just print brochures. Is there recognition that the attempt on Denise’s life culminating in Louisa’s near fatal injury is a multi victim crime. Have you received any Protection Orders? Against George, or, sadly, Tommy? Fat lot of good they did to Louisa…perhaps they’ll take them seriously now. The “all guys together- women are crazy” sucks kids like Tommy in – kids abandoned by their fathers, or with low esteem because of scuzzbucket parents…and brings them down too. Once women stop “incubating” there’s no reason to please us. Opinions may dry a tear or so, but they don’t keep you safe, BJ, and I am concerned about the out of control men in the picture…so take care, friend and pursue Louisa’s Law to Federal levels *

On August 16th, 2006, uniformed NY State “Peace” Officers grabbed me from the street as I was returning from a walk. They put handcuffs on me, maliciously tightened, which drew my head back compressing the carotid artery and spinal column at C1,2,3, which has ongoing consequences and resulted in near loss of life. The NYPD saved my life, but the “brass” suppressed any investigation.

I was denied Crime Victims’ Services and medical expenses, which are still ongoing. That meant I could not afford extensive investigations to provide neuro evidence…”  New York Hospital ER Staff were execrable.  New York’s International Center for the Disabled clerical staff had great fun sending me from one place to another, causing me to miss my appointment with the Medical Director.  He had the grace to apologize. NYH sent a patient rep who paid lip service and said she’d follow through.  I had collapsed on their grounds and only one stranger – visitor – helped me.  Not staff.

My neighbours knew me better, but acquaintances thought I committed a crime, was crazy, whatever… I’m a survivor too, BJ, and I’m fighting this every way I can. I’m posting this as an example of “blame the victim” and the deep hatred and prejudice against women in the “intellectual” North East. This is fomented by porn and the sex industry…which objectifies and dehumanizes women as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of men.

On a previous nygulag.wordpress post one commentator wrote that s/he “hadn’t heard” of these crimes. Well, that’s the point of putting them on this site.   The writer is a private person, tends to solve her own problems, but multiple crimes by employees of NY State have been suppressed by NYPD brass, the District Attorney, Mayor Bloomberg’s Office, the NYS Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, the NY State Inspector General, Joseph Fisch and of course, our “ethical” friends at RIOC: Stephen “deny everything” Shane, Ken “ignore FOIA” Leitner and former President Herb Berman and legal counsel, Paul Harte.  The FDNY attempted an enquiry, but it never went anywhere. No documents promised to the victim by any of the above have ever been provided.

City Council President, Christine Quinn was responsive and brought in Int. 627 to facilitate harassment suits against landlords.  Assemblyman Tom Duane’s aide gave me some pointers, which could not be followed without support from my Assemblyman, Micah Kellner who said he had contact Attorney General Cuomo, but did not follow through with any response.

Then again, AG Cuomo is not exactly responsive and the Victims Day is a farce.  I went there to try and get some help, but it was the usual sanitised, orchestrated State function and I was palmed off on a guy who said he was FBI, pretended to offer help, then took off once it was over.  In other words a cover up.


Victim was minding her own business as she returned home after her daily walk, when the New York State Felons in Uniform (NYS FUs) aka Public “Safety” Dept grabbed her , forcibly applied handcuffs, sadistically tightened them, pulling her head back, compressing C2, C3 and the carotid artery, and tried to force her into a lurking ambulance, operated by psycho EMT Ruger and silent “I don’t really want to be involved” EMT Fellaria.  

Someone called the NYPD and when they arrived, NYS FU/PSD poured out of the office and pushed her into the baking sun and kept her there while the NYPD tried to sort out the situation amidst clamoring, lies, deceit.  While that was on, unprosecuted Sex offender NYS FU/PSD Toro and his stinking, odiferous companion pulled her into the lurking ambo.   During this unlawful transfer, NYS FU/PSD Toro committed sexual battery.

The NYPD ordered the removal of the handcuffs. PSD FUs took their time about it.  An EMT Supervisor was brought in, who was over her head, and protective of the EMS, threatened the victim that if she did not agree to go to Elmhurst hospital she would take her to psyche.

The victim had been standing in the sun for forty minutes, sustaining considerable, permanent nerve damage from the compressions at C2 and C3, and occlusion of carotid artery causing hypoxia.  Her blood pressure was 185/140, critical. EMT Ruger would have known how to induce a stroke and had the motivation – the termination of a witness.

There was neither pretense nor pretext of patient care by the EMT Supervisor or anyone else.

NYPD Officer Bouraisis, an intelligent man and sound professional advised that the victim be seen at the Emergency Room to prove that she had not been drinking, or drugging, or having a stroke, and was not suicidal as the NY State felons  in PSD claimed. So proven.

The crimes of August 16th, 2006, were followed by intense harassment.  NYS FUs followed the victim, parked themselves in her courtyard, outside her door, made “patrols” down her corridor, and maintained such an intense pattern of intimidation and harassment that her lawyer, doctor, and friend in the JTTF advised her to leave home for a while. “You gotta get out of there…” in so many words. 

The physical assault, torture, by some definitions,  led to a concatenation of physiological and neurological events that almost cost the victim her life, a second time.

As the commenter said, it “doesn’t make any sense.”

Unless you know the larger picture:  The pre and post Mitchell Lama apartment grab by Jerome Belson Associates, Urban American and DHCR;  the hostile racist woman next door with connections to all of the above and RIOC and Board of Elections who is given confidential information by JBA, DHCR, and has threatened to “get” the victim. I

If the victim were black and the perps white, the outcry would go around the world, but as RIOC’s Shinozaki told the victim, “there’s no such thing as a race based hate crime against white people…” As is, with the bizarre situation on Roosevelt island, with unprofessional landlord/state funded goons, with zero media interest, no elected political representation* anything goes there.  

The crimes described here are very very serious, and whenever a teenager goes missing, or a body is found, or a “suicide” is mentioned, I think of PSD FUs and EMT Ruger’s abuse of an FDNY ambulance for the intention of rape-murder.

I am immensely grateful for the assistance of NYPD Officer Bourasis (Hope I’ve spelt your name correctly), and NYPD Sergeant Tommasaro.

There are some decent parties within PSD, but to mention them would cause them to lose their jobs and probably incur threats to their lives.  Nice one, New York State.