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The Hon Joseph Fisch
NY State Inspector General
Empire State Plaza
Agency Building 2, 16th floor
Albany, New York 12223

Re: Roosevelt Island: RIOC, DHCR, PSD, RIHM
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Dear Inspector General Fisch,
The depth of corruption in NY State agencies operating on Roosevelt Island is staggering. Otherwise it is an Orwellian nightmare/social petri dish established to examine the stress limits of an urban population.
Corruption extends to NYC and everywhere and everyone touched by RIOC and its private army, Roosevelt Island Public “Safety,” both New York State entities. PSD have committed most of the crimes and felonies on R Is, engaged in cover ups, lied to the NYPD who say off record,” most of the problems on R Is are from PSD.”
After an appalling attempt on my life by PSD on August 16th 06 and November 2, 06, I was shocked to learn that although the NYPD were witnesses and intervened on both occasions, there would be no prosecution or investigation. Each time I requested a Report Number I was put on hold. Details attached. I received no Crime Victims Service and have sustained long term neurological and economic damage requiring investigation and treatment. One doctor is assisting me and is very kind about allowing me to owe him, but he deserves to be paid. He saved my life, but I suffer the consequences.
Gloria Allred e-mailed me that I had a case and to move on it, but New York lawyers are reluctant to take on New York State knowing they will be bogged down with deception and delays, suggestive of deep corruption.
DHCR has joined PSD-RIHM/Urban American in an attempt to deprive me of my home. They are doing this by “losing” documents, calling in “Informal Hearings” where my family are the only euro americans present, and where confidential information is diverted to a hostile neighbor . (See enclosed) I advised by phone that I was not well enough to attend, and two days after hostile neighbour announced that she was going to “make me lose my apartment,” I received a letter from a Ms Malandriti to the effect that my subsidy was removed. No one knew Ms. Malandriti at DHCR’s Beaver Street offices. I’m afraid to give any more documents. (see attached)
Re DHCR, the treatment of long term residents of Roosevelt Island is appalling. We are being driven out of our homes, confused by conflicting paper work, pressured into illness or, in one case, depression. For four years I’ve found my neighbors walking the street in tears. To my knowledge there has been no compensation for the forcible downsizing (even Commie China compensates sometimes) no assistance with moving, etc. DHCR has allowed RIHM/Urban American/JBA to triple rents overnight, without commensurate improvement in services. No doorman (not a luxury when you’re stuck in Manhattan by Tram or Train contingencies), roaches crawling over and around garbage room walls for three weeks, malfunctioning fridges, broken tiles. I’ve been inspected three times, received a partial paint job. RIHM uses Housing Court to harass older women with health issues.
Once downsized, thirty year residents of R Is are listed as having a one year lease, losing statutory rights. Grandparents have to fly cross country or abroad to see their grandchildren as they no longer have room to put them up. Department of Housing and Community Renewal is a dishonest, de facto Community Destroyer.