To my friends and neighbours.

Re: Roosevelt Island Public “Safety” Department


Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I have just learned that PSD conducted another raid on my home in my absence and apologise if you were disturbed in any way.

You have my assurance that I and my children are law abiding citizens: we are not insane, we are not psychopaths, we are not criminals and have done nothing to justify this abuse, which is driven by the jealousy and hate of one woman with an extensive “reach.”

I have years of volunteer service and awards in Drama and Science.  I enjoy the respect and affection of many persons of distinguished public and artistic service. I have the privilege of a letter from the late Blessed Mother Teresa thanking me for my services to her Order.  My plays have been produced in NY, PA, New Jersey and Ireland.

Rosalind Fernandez, of Apt 103, has waged a war of hatred, slander and harassment against me and my family since I moved here in 1976 with my little girl and baby boy.  The tramway contingencies at the time seriously impacted on my career, with economic consequences which trapped me here.

As an officer of the Lenox Hill Democrat Club, and friend to the former Personnel Director of RIOC  and associate of various parties within DHCR, Fernandez has the political connections to get her friends into the Public “Safety” Department, to create hostility in DHCR and to get Management to do her dirty work.  She has a history of harassment of white, fair hispanic and Jewish tenants and at least one physical assault on a small Jewish child – now an adult former District Attorney.

All of the above is verifiable, and I have been silent about this too long.

If you are my friend and neighbour and witness any harassment against me and my family by any of the parties mentioned above, please call the NYPD immediately.  They may be prevented from taking further action, eg., filing charges and forwarding reports to the DAs office, but they have already saved my life on two previous occasions of assault by PSD. (August 16, Nov 2, 2006)

Thank you and God bless you for being great neighbours;