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Deirdre McNamara
Date April 15, 2009

Roosevelt island crimes and felonies
“Would these crimes have occurred if professional police were on duty?”
Every item verifiable, from 1976 to present – a compendium in random order
Two seven year old girls abducted from the Blackwell playground and brought through Motorgate and raped in Queens. The wealthy one moved immediately, The poor one stayed and lit fires.
A group of R Is youth commit armed robbery against a Manhattan Restaurant.
The proprietor shoots one of them.
They escape but drive around for hours with a dying companion until he bleeds to death.
Fugitive wanted by Interpol and Italian police hides out on R Is. Later found hanging
on a London bridge.
Cop from non-NYC jurisdiction embezzles Senior Citizen.
Aforesaid cop scores cocaine with Island teenagers, takes family hostage, steals, admits drugging mother with Seconal. Discharged from PD on disability on recommendation of psychiatrist. History of black market dealings with PBX items in Asia.
14 year old babysitter (male) ties up 8 year old (male) with intent to rape.
Drug dealing openly on Roosevelt Island.
Drug dealers arrested at Island diner, owned by aforesaid dealers.
Island teenager assaulted – in coma -It is likely that the wrong party was arrested.
This resident accuses PSD of abduction, assault, sexual battery, unlawful restraint, lying to the police, unlawful use of a NYC vehicle to transport victim, misrepresentation, conspiracy to deny a resident liberty and life, violation of the Safe Streets Act and all Human and Civil Rights.
This resident accuses PSD of assault, battery and sexual abuse of her minor son.
This resident accuses PSD of allowing R Is thugs to assault and batter her minor son. (see Main Street WIRE, Dec 6, 08)
This resident accuses PSD of conspiring with a hostile neighbour to arrest her son on false charges on multiple occasions;
This resident accuses PSD of conspiring with a hostile neighbour to deprive her son of liberty.
This resident accuses PSD of conspiring with hostile neighbour to cover up attempt on her son’s life, to pervert the course of justice, to misrepresent her son’s character and that of the machete wielding psycho.
This resident accuses PSD of allowing the son of RIOC’s personnel director to bully, harrass, assault minor youth on Roosevelt Island. As difficult as this woman and her son were, I did not believe that assaulting a child was part of her praxes.
PSD allowed, condoned and collaborated in the harassment of this tenant by aforesaid hostile neighbour.
RIOC covered up the assault on my four year old son by the wife of RIOC’s personnel director. No record exists of complaint made to “Roosevelt Island ‘Security.’” I was a shocked eye-witness. The woman ran an illegal day care center.
Another associate of hostile neighbour arrested with son for possession of arms and drugs.
Resident A claims assault by PSD
Resident B claims threats, intimidation, coercion by PSD
Resident C accused PSD of arrest on frivolous charges immediately dismissed by NYPD.
Assaults that have come to my attention have been against White, Hispanic or Jewish residents.
Many accusations of sexual misconduct by PSD against minority island teenagers have been made, but I am not in a position to verify or disclaim those particular accusations, though inclined to believe them after PSD’s sexual battery and statement by another victim.
Residents A to Z claim to have witnessed PSD standing by in the presence of drug dealing.
Residents X,Y, claim to have witnessed PSD using drugs openly
Murder-suicide of middle aged couple
Murder of young woman
Defenestration of disabled tenant
Defenestration of teenager in presence of PSD
While direct evidence and witnesses are not available at present, the bizarre conduct of two detectives in attempted rape case can only be explained by the discrediting of the witness by PSD. Said detectives were both transferred shortly thereafter.
Harassment and assault of RIs tenant dismissed by NYPD – presumably due to discrediting of witness by PSD.
Abusive conduct by EMS toward this tenant probably attributable to PSD. Carries over to hospital in life threatening situation.
NYPD always includes and briefs PSD, and accepts their interpretation of events and persons. Disastrous.
The absence of professional police allowed:
Aforesaid hostile neighbour to assault a three year old girl (by slamming her fingers in the heavy outer door) (Girl is now an ADA)
Drug dealing, prostitution, breaking and entering, theft by aforesaid hostile neighbour’s daughter.
Assault on a fifteen year old Hispanic girl by hostile neighbour’s grand-daughter. Contusions, lacerations.
Attempted murder of a youth (not my son)by hostile neighbour’s grand-daughter. Victim survived multiple stab wounds. Grandmother faked cardiac arrest to divert attention from victim.
Alleged off-Island breaking and entering by hostile neighbour’s grand-daughter.
Aggravated assault against my son while illegally handcuffed on one of neighbour’s/PSD’s spurious charges.
This is one person’s account of life on Roosevelt Island. There are numerous accounts of rapes not reported because of Public Safety. Some accuse PSD Personnel of rape. After my experience with them I find this entirely plausible. An open and honest investigation – if such is possible in NY – will bring many more facts and accusations to light, but only if the residents are assured that their rights will be respected.
Absence of police led to constitutional anomalies such as “triple arraignment.” Id est:
“Arrest” by PSD. Assault in back-room. Molestations in back room.
Transfer to 114th Precinct. Arraignment?
Transfer to 19th Precinct. Arraignment.
Transfer to Corrections Department on trumped up charge to await Court Hearing.
In the case of the assaults and arrests on false charges of one child to man, PSD and malicious neighbour always chose a long week-end such as “Memorial Day,” which co-incided with his birthday to bring her malicious lies, ensuring he would spend his birthday week end in the “Tombs.”
Where Police Brutality is an issue, a victim may take the case to the Civilian Complaint Review Board. No such provision exists for victims of NY State Peace Officers’ brutality or NYS “Unified Court System” Officers’ prejudice, abuse or incompetence. Hostile witness assaulted me in Housing Court, to no effect. This system is routinely abused by Jerome Belson Associates, now Urban American.
The NYPD must take over law enforcement on Roosevelt Island ASAP and the court system, in order to stop the relentless State Sanctioned abuse of law abiding civilians. Community “policing” is civilian abuse.
RIOC, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp are “responsible” for PSD, and have shown complete indifference to the concerns of 95% of tenant voters who want oversight of PSD. End