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Additional names of witnesses will be provided when I am assured that they will not be harassed in any way. R Is is a one street town with linking “tectonic” plates.
August 16, 2006
November 2, 2006
Main St Roosevelt Island
Apartment off Main Street Roosevelt Island
Crimes: Abduction, assault, kidnapping with intent to homicide, reckless endangerment. Abuse of NYC Property and taxpayers’s money. Lying to the NYPD. Defamation of character. Sexual Battery. Illegal entry into my apartment. Attempted break in.
Perpetrators: NYS “Public Safety” Department (PSD)
PSD Toro, odiferous partner, name unknown. PSD Sergeant Evans. PSD Lieutenant Ramirez (?) PSD Dentone. Off-duty members of PSD. Alleged FDNY EMT Ruger, Fellaria.
(Authority on Roosevelt Island: NYS patronage appointees at RIOC)
Witnesses: NYPD Officers and Sergeants; local business owners, rare honorable members of PSD, civilians and neighbours. Names available with assurance of their safety.
Consequences: Continued harassment and stalking by PSD. Need for “buddyguard.” Unable to go outside on Roosevelt Island without escort for two years and even now uncomfortable. Unable to sit on park bench with cup of coffee. Constant pain in wrists from damage to radial and ulnar nerves, bone bruising from sadistically applied unlawful handcuffs. Numbness in lower extremities from damage to C2,C3. Almost lost life from plummeting B12 levels due to stress of abduction. Fear of ambulances! Lack of confidence in NYC authorities – NYPD uniform excepted.
I have exhausted all local and state resources and have been given a run around, stalled, ignored, misdirected, treated with hostility, denied services, denied investigation and prosecution, etc., by one or all of the following: NYPD Executives, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (who may not have received my letter,)DA Richard Browne’s Office, Manhattan DA, Crime Victims’ Services (No report number!), Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the appointed overlords on Roosevelt Island, ie, RIOC,* etc.
History: Harassment started with note under door, 1976, “we dont want you here,” escalated to attempted murder and loss of home and health. Instigator is Rosalind Fernandez, officer of Lenox Hill Democratic Club, and co-ordinator for Board of Elections (BoEl) with access to Housing Records, DHCR and PSD employees. She conspired with employees of Jerome Belson Associates to deprive me of my home. Numerous complaints have gone un-addressed or “disappear” from authorities. Numerous complaints to the Board of Election go unresolved. A Charles Rangel protegee. Initial Housing Records showed a reference for me from ranking Republican. There is considerable concrete and circumstantial evidence to her destructive role in my social and professional life and direct threats. Her association with Public Safety, threats to “Get” me and obstruction of justice in attempted murder trial, where my son was victim, suggests an involvement in the following;
PSD CRIMES OF AUGUST 16TH, 2006, NOV 2, 2006
On August 16th, 2006, as I was returning from a walk, two NY State uniformed employees and a rogue EMT dragged me off the street, shouting that I was “having a stroke.” They applied handcuffs, saying that they were “not arresting (me)” They shouted that I was “suicidal,” “on medication,” “drinking,” etc. EMT’s partner, Fellaria, was silent and non participatory throughout.
Someone called the NYPD who eventually go rid of them. Meanwhile I was standing in the baking sun for 30 minutes, dehydrated. My blood pressure went up to 185/120. I was at risk of losing my life. From comments made by the perpetrators, I believe that was the intention.
On the advice of doctors and lawyers I left my home, believing that an attorney would keep his word and file an “intent to sue” on my behalf. This was not done.
On my return, PSD were still stalking me. I went to the NYPD 114th (Oct 30th or 31st) to request an investigation and report number for the August 16th incident. They referred me to “Community Liaison,” which was not satisfactory and asking for trouble.
Sure enough, on November 2, 2008, a howling mob of PSD employees, FDNY, and the rogue EMT Ruger were at my door, trying to break it down. They blocked off the street, told my neighbours that I was “dangerous” and “mentally ill.” Ruger’s partner, Fellaria, was silent.
(Board of Election co-ordinator, Rangel protegee and island bully, Rosalind Fernandez tells all my new neighbours that I and my children are “crazy” and “dangerous” and to “keep away from us.” Long term nabes know better.)
There is a peculiar situation on Roosevelt Island. We are NY State in the middle of NY City,, but we have neither NYPD or NYS Troopers. A group of illiterate, Orwellian felons run Roosevelt Is. They are known as Public “Safety” Dept. (PSD) and The RI Operating Corp (RIOC)who claim there is no crime on R Is., because most crimes are committed by PSD and kept quiet to maintain property values. Residents are denied equal protection under the law with terrible consequences. Even when a resident calls the NYPD, the NYPD arrives but must check in with PSD, who malign the victims’ character and credibility, prejudicing legit cops against residents. In fairness, most NYPD officers are well trained and see through the garbage, but are restricted from taking appropriate action.
Consequently there has been no investigation or prosecution. Queens and Manhattan ADAs behaved indifferently, passing complaints from one jurisdiction to another. The Mayors Office and State Attorney General ignored my complaints, and the NYS AG also ignored a letter from Assemblyman Kellner. Councilmember Lappin said coldly that she “could not help.” (She relies on RIOC for access to the Community Center) RIOC lied, promised an inquiry, fired the Director of PSD, (the second one to go and a witness,) and their legal counsel, Paul Harte, suppressed evidence, shredded FOIAs, blocked enquiries from the Irish Government “to protect my privacy!” As if.
The FDNY did have the decency to conduct an inquiry. However, they provided no follow up information and I do not know the status of that inquiry.

An attempt on my son’s life was followed by assaults abuse, threats against him and arrests on false charges by PSD and thugs enabled by PSD. No investigation, prosecution, follow up. Similar abuse from RIOC; shredded documents, violation of FOIA, stalling tactics. Forced to leave the country of his birth.

*Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Many Island groups have been trying to obtain autonomy and/or local representation. RIOC subsumed that energy by promising seats on the RIOC Board to six residents. They held an election but to date have not honored the results and it is doubtful whether RIOC President Stephen Shane intents to empower the residents in any way.
He has denied the presence of any complaints regarding PSD or any FOIA requests. Hence my references to “RIOC shredder.”
Quote affirms discrimination against persons with mental illness.
Tangentially, I called a Crime Victim Service which immediately said they “cannot help me.” On further inquiry they admitted that “when a person has problems with authority, we assume there’s a history (of mental health issues.) Well, now we know what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, Christians in Stalin’s day, intellectuals under Mao Tse Dung, Buddhist Monks in contemporary China, George Washington, Patrick Henry, etc. They had problems with abusive authorities, therefore the victims were insane!
I do not have a “history of mental health issues,” though I suppose being a pro life conservative puts me at odds with the Move On.org consensus on Main St., R I. Abstruse logic presented by orthodox mental health practitioners (20th century editions of Merck Manual) would suggest that early Christians were insane; likewise a vegetarian member of a cannibalistic tribe and so on, because they “bucked” the status quo. Back to the Founding Fathers…
I am deeply concerned that a NY State funded Crime Victims Service chooses to ignore persons with actual mental health issues and infer that it is “open season” on the mentally ill. This would seem to be an egregious violation of Constitutional Rights separate and apart from the multiple infractions against healthy citizens seemingly “carved in stone” on Roosevelt Island, but belongs here as another illustration of the pervasiveness of Constitutional, Human and Civil Rights abuses in NYS and NYC and the cheapening of life in the abortion capital of America.
On Sept 27th, they were outside my neighbour’s apartment looking into my window.
On Sept 28th, they killed my neighbour’s cat.